Instructions and information for Parents and or Guardians who are registering competitors are below:

  • All Competitors are required to be registered on Snowracer and have an active SnowID number PLEASE NOTE All individuals need to “ReRegister” for each calendar year to be covered and reactivate their Snow ID
  • Once your SnowID has been reactivated, head to to formally enter the competition.
  • Competitors must wear a helmet and be able to maintain a snow plow to be eligible to enter
  • Competitors must wear a bib to access lifts and attend the race area. Whilst the races are underway competitors are able to access the lifts free of charge thanks to the support of Alpine Enterprises.
  • Competitors will be allowed two runs which will count toward their age division result as well as a school result should an individual be listed as competing in this too.
  • In the event that a Gate is missed a competitor’s time will be penalised by 5 seconds per gate. (Please note that this does not disqualify a competitor from attaining a finishing time
  • Assistance on the race course:
    • Physically intervening and assisting competitors on the course will result in them rec attaining a finishing time however all entrants will receive a certificate of participation.
    • Parents of Guardians choosing to shadow a competitor down the course are reminded to avoid the racing line and limiting snow plowing which will damage the courses integrity.
  • Interschool
    • Competitors will need to nominate their team (3 individuals per team) at the registration hut. 
    • Competitors who have nominated a school and do not select a team but have 3 competitors will be assigned a team
    • Competitors who don’t have enough numbers to form a team will not be listed to compete in the schools results unless they otherwise identify a proposed combined team.
    • Fastest combined time of the best two skiers in each team are added together to give a ‘school total combined time’
    • The team with the lowest total combined time win the shield for the school they represent
    • The Shield will remain on the mountain as a historic article of the Northern Tasmania Alpine Club
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