Conditions have dropped below 0 and are at -1.5 at the moment on the mountain. The snow is expected to continue to fall over the next two days and forecasters are saying the mountain could get up to 30cm. At the moment wind strengths are gusting well over 80kmph and the snow is having a challenge sticking to the ground following a wet couple of days.

The road has a large amount of debris from trees scattered all the way up to the ladder and there will be large drifts form through the night. Snow should continue into the morning and then through tomorrow continue in waves down to 500m as the tail end of the system passes over the north east of the state and conditions clear tomorrow evening.

On Saturday winds should abate and a minimum temperature of -7 is forecast which will most likely be in the morning. We will provide an update on conditions at approximately 0730 hrs in the morning. Keep praying for snow people!

If conditions allow (we get enough snow) on Saturday junior race practice will be on during the day and time trials also. Keep your eyes out for the next update.

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