Conditions and Lifts (Alpine Enterprises) – Currently +1.6 degrees, softened snow of moderate to good cover, there are currently light winds and visibility is moderate.  4 lifts this morning, Bass, Village Summit and Fannies, much shovelling on tracks, possibly 5 this afternoon weather and crowd dependent.

Thanks to the Northern Tasmania Alpine Club for this mornings shot of the front slopes. visit our web cam page for more

ROAD CONDITIONS –The road is open and clear (All vehicles must carry chains past the shuttle pickup)  CHAINS are required to be fitted where directed. If you are driving a car you not only need to have chains, you need to know how to fit them and how to drive your car whist they are on. For more information on chains visit the snowsafe website. Yesterdays rock which was impeding drivers has been moved.

TODAY: Ben Lomond Junior Races – Round 2

Marshalls are requested to meet at Race Hut at 8.00 a.m. to collect poles etc and set-up course;

Registration will commence @ the Felix race hut from 9:00 a.m, with Bibs being issued @ 9:30 am;

Weather and conditions permitting, Racing will commence@ 10:00 am in age order – if there are a large number of competitors, then we will split into two groups (e.g. Bibs 1 to 40 and then bibs 41+); and Race Presentation at 3 pm at NTAC – NTAC will provide soft drinks and nibbles.

OLD BUFFERS AND MOTHERS RACE will be held following Junior races. To qualify you must be of an age that you think to yourself ..”I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS”. Registrations will be open Saturday or on Sunday morning around 9:00am ensuring entrants are allocated a number so times can be recorded.

Trophies: Have you seen or have one of the following Trophies? If you have or know anything about them email to arrange a drop off or pick up of the trophy.

TALARIA Trophy   Girls 9/11;

PETER LAWRENCE Trophy Youngest Competitor

SHADOCK FAMILY Trophy  Girls 16/17;  – FOUND and Returned

ROVERS SNOWBOARD 12/15 – FOUND and Returned.

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