Parks and Wildlife Services have called in the Grader to clear 10 cms of snow off the mountain road, ladder and plateau. Currently there are two large trees which have fallen across the road and the council has been called to assist in clearing this away to allow traffic to the base of the ladder. Based on this assessment the road is impassable at the moment. PWS will provide an update as soon as the fallen trees have been cleared off the road and at this stage all vehicles are to fit chains for the day. Its hjoped that the grader can have the ladder cleared by lunchtime, more updates to follow.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasting very strong winds with a high wind chill today so if your planning on going up on the mountain please be cautious. There has been more snow overnight and snowsports are reporting that it is quite dry and powdery (Thanks for the update Flea).

If you are coming up rug up, Snowsports and the Alpine Hotel are open and the bus on standby once the road is cleared. If and when the wind drops will be good. 

Keep your eyes to for the latest updates as they happen.

2014 07 17 - Snow on the ladder 1700 hrs

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