Good afternoon snow goers. If you were waiting for the grader to do its thing this morning, this is what your looking to read. Following yesterday’s #snowmageddon2017, the grader has cleared the road from the bottom of the snowline through to and including the car park.

ROAD CONDITIONS – Please observe signs directing cars to put on chains. This is for your own safety. 2WD vehicles are likely to be required to fit chains for the remainder of today. ALL vehicles proceeding past the park registration area must carry chains and fit them where directed. Take care parking your cars in the plateau car park as this remains to have some snowy areas. Drive to the conditions and keep a sensible distance between cars. Please follow the directions of the Parks Rangers. If you are driving a car you not only need to have chains, you need to know how to fit them and how to drive your car whist they are on. For more information on chains visit the snowsafe website