Another glorious day, -1.6, even a flurry of snow yesterday evening, 4 lifts today, front plus Fannie’s, these 4 lifts will operate through this weekend which will be the final one of operations for 2016 at 4pm Sunday.

Skiing conditions are currently very good at Ben Lomond due to the dusting of snow we received last night
Cover remains good on the upper areas and patchy at the bottom of the lifts
There are fewer icy areas on the slopes due to the snow last night but it still remains under a thin layer of snow so some caution should remain
The front three lifts are running and Fannie’s lift will also be operating which will open up the back slopes which still has very good coverage and is relatively untouched. conditions are better than first thought, patchy at the bottom but on the upper areas the skiing is great
The route up is clear and the weather is blue sky’s and with only a light wind blowingcid_708(1) cid_108 cid_109 cid_887 cid_886 cid_884