Morning update

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Morning followers, the snow cover remains great but it is very hard packed and icy throughout the ski fields so helmets and caution is advised today. It’s is however blue sky’s up here currently so the snow may soften during the day.
There is currently a cold moderate wind blowing so it does feel fairly cold with temperatures sitting around -5. Check the full website for daily updates on lift and weather. #benlomond2018

Mountain update

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Another blue sky day here on the slopes, snow cover remains great but there has been a small loss of snow so there are patches of rock and bush starting to show
Currently around 1 degree and with a moderate wind blowing there is a wind chill factor.
Helmets, suncream, sunglasses and water recommended.

Another blue bird start to Friday.

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This morning there is little wind, an extensive cover of snow and conditions are hard and fast this morning. It’s currently just below 0 with the overnight minimum of -1.6. Check the snow report for the latest on Lift operations. Tomorrow kids don’t forget race registration is from 9am at the race hut opposite the ticket office.

The car park remains quite icy so be aware of conditions when parking.

If you are staying overnight, ensure your car is left in gear, there is enough space between vehicles and the handbrake is left off. Why you ask? In cold conditions your cars handbreak can freeze together and not release the wheels.

Morning mountain update – Blue Bird days continue

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Another great day ahead on the slopes. Blue sky’s and only a light wind for weather currently. Snow cover remains great and is now a solid base which is excellent for carving turns. Helmets, suncream, sunglasses and water is highly advised today. The temperature is sitting around -1 currently but this is sure to rise throughout the day. Come on up and soak in the alpine environment. #benlomond2018

Mountain Update

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The snow cover continues to be great. The snow remains hard packed in most areas with icy patches throughout. Deep drifts remain interspersed around the ski fields. Currently it is around -2 with a strong wind blowing so temperatures seem a lot colder due to wind chill. Visibility is about 50 metres. For more information view the website.

Village Parking Drop off Zone

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Greetings mountain goers. This is just a friendly reminder to confirm that the new 10 minute drop off zone which was established at the beginning of the season is a 10 minute parking zone. Please use this space to drop off and pickup gear when arriving and departing the mountain. Below is an example of incorrect application of the parking zone.

To access this drop off point turn right at the base of the car park loop and proceed to just before the bollards on the left. The Green zone in the image below depicts this drop off point. The 10 minute time-frame should allow most to be able to drop-off gear and passengers before locating a long-term parking spot.
Please note that the red area depicted below is for Authorised users only. This includes the Snow Sports Shuffle Buses, Commercial Operators, PWS vehicles and where space is available Ski Patrollers. This is due to the significant increase in foot traffic with the changes to the top of the car park and flow between the Alpine Kiosk, Public Shelter and Public Toilets.

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