With Winter just around the corner and the nights cooling off, there is no doubt that winter and the most glorious part about it (Snow) is just about to start falling.

Well, in preparation for this the Ben Lomond Committee and its merry tribe of volunteers have constructed a new snow fence at an existing location on the village home trail. A couple of things which those who have been to Ben Lomond will note are that the struts are horizontal and spacing is even to the boards. This is to best aid the formation of low pressures which improve the snow catching ability of the fence.

Time will tell how much better this fence is in comparison to its sister fence with vertical boards on the other side of the trail, but there is no doubt that based on scientific research its holding capacity is something in the order of 26 times greater than its older sister.

Time will tell, so get up to the mountain throughout the snow season this year to see how its catching the good stuff.

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